Computer Cleaning Services by EES

Here at Electronic Environmental Services Ltd (EES), We offer 2 forms of computer cleaning service (internal and external).
Each service is tailored to specific needs, and although most clients do not need a full computer cleaning service consisting of internal component dust control, some companies in old, or dusty environments may benefit from this Total clean.

  1. Internal and External Computer Cleaning
    With this service not only is the exterior component cases cleaned but the motherboard, internal circuit boards and adapter cards, Power supplies and Fans are also vacuumed and air dusted to remove any dirt and dust from clogging up air fans and vents causing excess heat within the systems.
  2. External Computer Cleaning
    With this service the exterior of the computer is cleaned with anti-static and germ eradicating solutions specifically formulated for use on computers and ATM machines.

Our Computer Cleaning services can be provided on premises both during or after business hours to suit your requirements, we also offer this service nationwide as well as a collection / delivery service.
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