Server Cleaning Services by EES

Alhough we can offer a external cleaning service for servers, we generally recommend a full (internal component dust control) cleaning service.

Our full server cleaning service helps you combat several server problems before they start and should form part of your preventative measures, maintenance procedures.

The full Server cleaning service from EES offers you the following benefits. Server and Server Room Cleaning Services
We remove dust and dirt build up from the case chassis, motherboard, adapter cards, fans and vents This aids in the vehtilation of the server and combats overheating problems. Leads and connections are visually checked and reseated.
Dust and dirt are removed from drives, stopping dust build up which can lead to data loss and backup drives becomming un-usable.

All our equipment is approved for use with static sensitive equipment and our solutions will aid combatting static electricity problems. General cleaning of the exterior casings creating a more professional company image

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