Telephone Cleaning Services by EES

In offices and call centres today, Telephones are in use constantly in many locations by different personnel one after another. This use by different personnel causes cross contamination of germs as the handsets are a hive of activity with germs in some cases telephones housing more germs than public toilets!.

Regular cleaning of these telephones gives them a pristing new look but more importantly can cut out cross contamination and reduce sick days throughout the workforce.

Our Cleaning process
First, the whole telephone is dusted and then the surfaces are cleaned with a specially formulated germicidal cleaning fluid using a damp brush and cloth, particular attention is paid to the ear and mouth piece, grooves, crevices and around the number buttons and, where possible, the cable. Labels and ink stains are removed where possible then the unit is dried using a cloth to remove all traces of dirt and moisture.

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