Why Clean Your Computer & I.T. Equipment

Aswell as the benefit of having your I.T. computers, Printers and other electronic equipment look new, creating a pleasant clean and professional look there are also other reasons for haveing your I.T. equipment cleaned on a regular basis.

Having your I.T. equipment cleaned on a regular basis will keep them in a new looking state, this improves the overall appearance of your company to visiting clientelle. Staff are also more appreciative of new looking equipment and are less likely to damage and deface it.

Computers, telephones and even ATM's can be a cause of contamination in the workplace. Did you know that the flu virus is able to live on Server Room Cleaninga keyboard for nearly an hour, Diphtheria, pneumonia and hepatitis can also be contracted from dirty telephones or that on average 2000 germs are on every telephone mouthpiece.
Tests of computers and telephones have found they are some of the most contaminated areas in an office, sometimes as bad as, or worse, than public toilets. Dirt and dust clog fans and can cause overheating computer components, One of the main causes of failure (over 80%) in drives is dirt.
Static Electricity build-up is a serious risk to computer systems and data, Static electricity is constantly given off from monitors with as much as 29,000 volts discharged on the screen, this same static electricity damages computer components with as much as 2 hundred volts destroying the component beyond use, Carpets and people also generate this static electricity, which can cause problems with electronic equipment and create a uncomfortable place to work for employees, we at EES Ltd can reduce the amount of static electricity around your equipment by regular cleaning with our specially formulated products.

Basically - Computer cleaning helps keep components in good working condition and stops them spreading germs.

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