Welcome to EES (Electronic Environmental Services Ltd)

EES Ltd. (Electronic Environmental Services Ltd) offer a broad range of services for cleaning computers, office and all I.T. equipment.

Our Services start with the standard external Hygiene and dust control services (to produce a clean, healthy and attractive workplace) to more advanced, internal component dust control services implemented to help prolong the life of the equipment and to help keep cooling fans and vents free from accumulated dirt. We also offer a smoke damaged cleaning service for companies a collection . delivery service is also available for same.

Prevent the cross contamination of bacteria and disease in the workplace! Fact : When staff members cough or sneeze, their germs go everywhere, including office equipment which in a lot of organizations and call centres are used by a number of different staff. Theese germs can survive on the surfaces they land on for hours, Hard surfaces are by large one of the biggest contributor factors for the transmission of bugs, bacteria and diseases which can than in turn lead to potentially dangerous diseases. Is it any wonder than, that our hands are one of the dirtiest parts of our body because of what they come in to contact with on a hourly basis and the bacteria that we pick up is generally not visible to the naked eye. Regular cleaning of all your office equipment will dramatically reduce the spread of disease and infection's throughout your organization. Can you afford not to be pro-active?

EES offer all our services nationwide and we have offices and staff based at strategic locations to meet our clients requirements allowing us to service the length and bredth of Ireland.

Regular cleaning of your Computer equipment by EES Ltd. can help decrease sickness in your organisation from problems relating to cross-contamination, it will improve your company image and reduce static electricity and device malfunctions.

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